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FareShare combats homelessness one ride at a time.

Veterans make up ~25% of the homeless population and 2,000 homeless veterans are on the streets of Washington, DC on any given night. There are many reasons why people are homeless. One common obstacle to self-sufficiency is transportation costs. Homeless people simply do not have the resources to travel to interviews and jobs. FareShare is successful because it eliminates this obstacle and enables homeless veterans to find and keep jobs. Our program is simple and effective.


  • People donate their Metro farecards
  • FareShare volunteers collect and consolidate donated cards
  • Consolidated cards are then distributed to homeless veterans by our three partner organizations
  • Veterans use these Metro cards to travel to interviews and get jobs


  • $80,000 in donated farecards since 2004
  • FareShare is completely volunteer-run with minimal operating expenses
  • Trained social workers ensure farecards are being used properly
  • Better than 50% success rate helping homeless veterans find jobs

U.S. Vets veteran excited about his new job



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